Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What's Next?

In my post I am a Teacher, I revealed that at the core I am... gasp... a Teacher.

Nevertheless, I decided to leave a secure career that directly complemented my skill set in search of an opportunity to...

Well, I guess that is the problem, as a true Millennial, I do not have an answer to the age old question: What do you want to be when you grow up?  Though I know that I do not want to be, by the classical definition, a teacher,  I also know that I do not want to abandon the skills that have allowed me to achieve much success in the classroom.

As I see it, I am qualified for almost every job; unfortunately, I am not a recruiter or hiring manager.  What I have found to be extremely frustrating is that despite the high attrition rate for teachers, there are very few resources out there to help former teachers find and pursue new opportunities.

I did not start this blog to simply aid in the development of my Social Media skills and footprint, though those are definitely significant reasons, I created it to potentially help those who are in my shoes. In posts titled, What's Next, I will focus on a specific career that directly correlates to the skill set of a teacher in order to...

  • Analyze how one may market his/her skills to a potential employer.
  • Identify skills and certifications that may be helpful in pursuing this career.
In the coming days, I will start with what I consider to be the most obvious career tangent: Corporate Training.

Also in the queue:
- Sales Associate
- Administrative Assistant

Not in the queue:
- Tutor
- Principal
- Guidance Counselor

In general, I will focus on careers completely independent of education that may be possible to achieve without further schooling.  If you are reading this blog, other readers and I would appreciate suggestions!

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