Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I've Got the Dreamer's Disease... and LinkedIn Has the Cure!

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Arrogance is an affliction of the University of Michigan graduate... or so I am told.  As such, searching for a job is tough because I am arrogant enough to assume that I am the best candidate for each job to which I apply.  I am starting to refer to this mindset as the Dream Job Disease, even when the job that I apply for is not my dream job.

In general, I believe that confidence is a good thing when pursuing new opportunities.  Confidence allows a candidate to believe that he is a company's ideal applicant, which in turn allows him to convey how his skills will not only complement the company, but improve it.  Without confidence, one should not apply for a position.

Analogous to my success applying for new jobs.
The Dream Job Disease comes from overconfidence.  After thoroughly researching a company and drafting a job and company specific cover letter, I am convinced that I am the company's ideal candidate.  As such, I consider the job to be mine, so there is no need to continue my search.  After posting a Michael Jordan-esque application/call-back batting average, this Dream Job Disease is hurting my ability to reach my ultimate goal of procuring future employment.

To treat this ailment, I have turned to LinkedIn Premium.  For one month, I will have complete
access to the company's services, which includes diagnostics on each LinkedIn sponsored job, 5 InMails, and 15 introductions.  Pretty awesome stuff!

So far, the diagnostics are treating my Dream Job Disease.  In fact, I may now be cured. As I search through the opportunities posted, I have grown quite accustomed to the message, "You wouldn't be in the top 50% of applicants for this job..."  Talk about a blow to my confidence!

How does one overcome his/her underwhelming qualifications?  My strategy, use the introductions and InMail functions.  I think LinkedIn has it right, break down my confidence and develop my service dependency.

To sum up this post, in searching for new opportunities, job seekers must:

  1. Maintain confidence
  2. Apply to as many positions as possible
  3. Foster and utilize their contacts... LinkedIn is a great place to start.

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