Monday, July 14, 2014

Out of the Classroom and into the...?

On June 30, 2014, my teaching certificate expired.  The date brings to a close what I consider a successful career, if only because my pant splitting catastrophe of an organized teacher dance will last for perpetuity:

(Naturally, I am sporting my Michigan shirt and a horrible attempt at a beard)

'Humbly', I will admit that I was a very good teacher.  As my résumé tells future employers, I produced results.  As my students will attest (caveat: don't ask all of them =)), I developed an environment that promoted learning and laughing.  As my school's administrators confirmed, I am 'highly effective' when it comes to fostering engaging student-centric conversation.  Unfortunately, for me, teaching felt more like a job than a passion.  While I realize that no job is perfect, maintaining success in the classroom requires passion.

So, as of July 1st, I officially broke free from the shackles of my teaching certificate, which compelled me to perform my duty of educating our youth.  Now, I am on job-seeking parole and LinkedInIndeed, and Glassdoor are accountable for my daily check-ins.

In an effort to focus my job search, to expand my LinkedIn network, and to have an outlet to vent, I will keep an updated blog to document my job-searching progress.

Topics that I hope to explore:
- Logical Alternative Career Choices for Teachers
- Dream Job Disease (I have not yet Googled this to find out if it is something)
- Those Pesky Qualifications
- Obligatory Job Postings - The Battle Against the Internal Candidate
- The Entry Level Blues

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